Saturday, February 9, 2008

The Gypsy's adorable profile.

The Gypsy's side view, also featuring her hand-felted hair to
make it curly.

The Gypsy's red satin bow.

The Gypsy's underskirt in black and white checks, with red
rose trimming.

The Gypsy's muslin bloomers and red satin boots, also with
red rose trimming.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Gypsy Doll is a soft sculpture doll - a wonderful, wander-ful, titian-haired nomad. She is stuffed with silky, fluffy corn fiber filling . Her skin is organic blush-fair knit cotton. The inner body is plain muslin. The hair is merino wool, multi-tonal yarns in shades of rusty auburns, deep mahogany, deep gold, carrot, sunset orange, and caramel. Her hair is gathered into a high ponytail, and the strands are all hand-curled. The soft bangs surrounding her face are individually knotted into the hair line, and then lightly hand-felted for a soft, fuzzy effect. She is wearing a cotton shirt and skirt set of black with white dots, and contrasting black and white checked cotton. The red sash and bow are heavy satin. The skirts and neckline and bow are edged with embroidered roses trim. Under it all is a simple pair of unadorned muslin pantaloons with a ruffled leg. The Gyspy sports a pair of red satin knee boots with roses circling the ankles. In her hair are three rose buds with leaves. The head shape is hand-tied with cotton twine, in the Waldorf-style. The facial features are hand embroidered in cotton floss. This doll is not poseable. She sits. The Gypsy is 13" tall, and wonderfully chubby. The clothing is completely handmade - even the clothing designs are our own.